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World Healing Day


This column will first appear on April 27, 2024, which in 2024 is World Healing Day, a successor to World Tai Chi and Qigong Day. Of course April 27, 2024 has many other celebrations, such as National Devil Dog Day, National Prime Rib Day, Babe Ruth Day, and even National Gummi Bear Day, to name just some. But we like World Healing Day.

Why? Because we like to think checkers can play its own role in world healing. We've seen it in the work of luminaries such as Iqbal Ahmed Salarzai, who conducts international tournaments via the internet; the friendly rivalries between the US and England and now the US and Italy; the presence of international players in major tournaments; and many more examples that show how checkers can pull people together in spirited competition that leads to long lasting friendships among all nationalities, races, and creeds. Great stuff and something the world can use more of.

For World Healing Day we'll present a checker problem of unknown origin that isn't difficult at all, but will perhaps provide a few moments of entertainment and relaxation. Just the right thing to take your mind off whatever's bothering you and promote a bit of your own self-healing on World Healing Day.

White to Play and Win


Solve the problem as best you can, and then click--- ever so gently--- on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


18-22 17x26 11-15 4x27 29-25 White Wins

As we said, not difficult at all, but what a finish! White's lone man defeats seven Black pieces!

Enjoy and take part in World Healing Day. It's a great concept--- but we have to admit, we'll also be enjoying National Prime Rib Day.


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