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Thanksgiving Weekend 2023


This column will appear on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, 2023. We hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Perhaps you were off on Friday and are enjoying a four-day weekend. Maybe you participated in the crazy shopping day known as "Black Friday" when, it is said, the ledger sheets of merchants turn from loss (red) into profit (black).

However, and even if you are celebrating, it's a weekend that can always use a good checker problem and maybe you have a little extra leisure time to take one on. We often turn to Tom Wiswell for a holiday problem, so here's a position we think you'll really enjoy.

Black to Play and Win


Mr. Wiswell calls this one "The Gold Brick" and informs us as to its origin.

" ... White has just played 19-16 which allows Black a fine win. XXXX would have drawn, but many experts have walked into this inviting trap ... which originated from some analysis by the author (Mr. Wiswell) and Monte Schleifer."

We've redacted the move that White should have played and leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Try to solve this one. Maybe coffee and slice of pumpkin pie can be your reward once you win it ... or even if you don't, since you can always see the solution by clicking on Read More.20050904-symbol.gif


White should have played 32-28. Now Black wins as follows.

1. 15-19 16-11

16-12, 19-26, 31-15, 10-19, 17-10, 6-15, 13-6, 1-10, 21 -17 (25-22, 10-14 B. W.) 15-18, 17-13, 10-14, 13-9, 14-17, 25-21, 17-22, 9-6, 19-23, 6-2, 22-26 Black Wins.

2. 19x26 31x15
3. 10x19 17x10
4. 6x15 13x6
5. 1x10 11-7

25-22, 10-14, 22-17, 14-18, 17-14 and now both 19-24 and 19-23 will win for Black.

6. 19-24 27-23

7-2, 24-31, 2-7, 10-14, 7-10, 14-18, 10-19, 18-23 B. Wins.

7. 15-18 23x14
8. 10x17 21x14
9. 3x17 ...

Black Wins. Problem and notes by Tom Wiswell.


Now, go and have that pumpkin pie ... or leftover turkey and stuffing ... or whatever you wish, and enjoy your weekend!

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