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Labor Day 2023


In the United States and Canada, Labor Day, a day to honor the worker, takes place on the first Monday of September. (In most of the world, it's on May 1 and goes under various names.) The Checker Maven has always respected workers of every category and we believe there is no work, no matter what it may be, that doesn't deserve recognition and appreciation when it is done honestly and with good intent. Hats off to the workers of the United States and Canada!

This Labor Day we turn to a great American problemist of yesteryear, Charles Hefter. His composition is simultaneously practical and elegant. Tommie Wiswell said it may be one of Mr. Hefter's best.

White to Play and Draw


To paraphrase a great modern day American problemist, Brian Hinkle, "Forces are even; it should be easy, right?" Actually, we rate it as moderate in difficulty, just right for a little Labor Day amusement in-between the picnics and the parades.

"Work" it out and then "work" your mouse over to Read More to view the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


Variations are possible. The solution below seems to represent Black's best try for a win.

14-9 18-14 9-6 2x9 13x6 14-10 6-2 10-7 8-12 7x16 2-7 16-20 12-8 4x11 7x23. Drawn.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day!


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