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More Pictures: Problem Composing Contest 68


Is there such a thing as too many pictures? Evidently so. The photo above shows an art display that hardly accords with accepted practices. It's overcrowded and the pictures aren't well positioned.

The previous entry in Bill Salot's outstanding series of checker problem composing contests featured problems that had a visual aspect--- they were works of art in both the visual and ludological senses. For our current contest, Mr. Salot has continued with that theme. Too many pictures? Hardly! We're sure everyone will welcome this new trio of dual-artform problem settings.

The contest problems themselves can be found, as always, on the contest page. We hope you'll drop by, give the problems a try, and of course cast your vote for the one you like best.

As a lead-in, we present a problem by the late Roy Little, which he called Mr. X. It was the winner of Contest 11 back in June, 2013.

White to Play and Win


Solve this one, click on Read More to check your solution, and then visit the contest page!20050904-symbol.gif


*17 14, 10-26, *6 9, 19-10, *9 14, 28-19---A, *14 21 jumping 5 Black pieces to a White Win by a version of First Position.

A ---10-17, *2 7, 28-19, 7 23 jumping 6 Black pieces to a White Win with the Move.

On to the contest problems!

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