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Quick As a Bee


You're likely familiar with the phrase, "quick like a bunny" or "quick as a bunny" meaning, in its imperative form, to tell someone to do something very rapidly. However, that phrase is relatively recent, dating back to only the 1940s according to most sources.

"Quick as a bee" has the same meaning, but is much older; 400 years older, to be exact. It appeared in John Heyward's Proverbs back in 1546. So for today, we'll weigh in on the side of history, and ask you to solve this month's speed problem "quick as a bee." In fact, it's quite easy, and an experienced player will see the solution in about two seconds. Novices should eventually get it as well.

Black to Play and Draw


Do you have the solution already? You can always buzz (1546) or hop (1940s) over to Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


12-16 20x11 19-24 28x19 23x14 Drawn.

Quick as greased lightning!

Thanks to regular contributors Lloyd and "Gosh Josh" Gordon for sending this to us.


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