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Starting Off The Year


We're already almost a full week into the new year 2023 at the time of publication of this column. By now surely you're back to work, school, or whatever your regular activities may be. You've had time to recover from any potential excesses of holiday celebration, and we're in that post-holiday letdown period.

So perhaps an easy checker problem will cheer you a bit and get you on your way to another year of checker enjoyment. Here's one from regular contributors Lloyd and "Gosh Josh" Gordon.

White to Play and Draw


The draw is straightforward but ... well, you'll find out. See how you do with this one and then click on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


While the solution is not particularly astounding or clever, both White and Black must play carefully and precisely.

1. ... 31-27

Heading off the Black threat of winning with 23-18.

2. 23-32 20-24
3. 32-27 ...

The only move to draw. Black must give back a man but the other choices lose.

3. ... 24-31
4. 28-32 31-26
5. 32-27 26-22

26-31 loses.

6. 27-23 22-18

22-26 loses.

7. 6-10 ...

23-27 would only lead to a lot of pointless back and forth, so Black takes the quick draw.

7. ... 14-7
8. 23-14 Drawn

We hope you enjoyed our first problem of the year. Have a wonderful year to come!


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