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The drawbridge goes back a long way. In medieval times, castles might be protected by a moat spanned by a drawbridge, which, if the castle were to be attacked, would be pulled up to deny access to the invaders. In the photo above, a more modern use of a drawbridge is shown; when a large vessel needs to cross the roadway, the bridge is pulled up to allow passage.

A bridge in checkers, of course, is something different. Bridge positions have been heavily analyzed. Whole books have been written about them. They certainly can be tricky.

Today's speed problem is about a bridge, and White is seeking a draw--- hence, it's a "drawbridge" position. It's not very difficult and is within range of the thoughtful novice. Old pros will see it right away.

White to Play and Draw


Got it? Did you cross the bridge or was it a bridge too far? No matter. Cross your mouse over to Read More and click to verify your solution.20050904-symbol.gif


7-2 14x7 2x11 1x10 11-15 Drawn. Easy enough!

Our thanks to regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon for sending this one along.


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