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Labor Day 2022


Things have improved for the working person since last Labor Day. Unemployment is low and many employers are desperate to make hires. Wages are up at least a little, although inflation is a big worry and fingers crossed that there is no recession.

But we should always remember the reason for the Labor Day holiday, which is to recognize the millions of working people that have made and continue to make America a great nation. Without the hard workers who fill every conceivable kind of job and perform every conceivable type of task, where would we be? Each and every worker is important, and each and every worker deserves respect and recognition.

Checkers in the past has been thought of as the working person's mind game. We like that description. So to celebrate the day, as we always have in the past, we turn to an American problem composer, Tommie Wiswell, and a composition he calls All Around the Mulberry Bush.

White to Play and Win


We'll give you a small hint by saying it's the patient and careful worker that brings home the bacon. Work away at this one and see the fruits of your labor. Clicking on Read More will show you the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


10-6 14-10---A 6-1 10x19 1-6 12-16---B 11x20 3-7 6-2 7-10 2-7 10-14 7-10 14-18 10-14 18-22 14-10---C 22-25 10-7 25-30 7-3 30-25 3-8 25-22 8-12 22-18 20-16---D to a White Win.

A---Being a piece down, this is Black's best try.

B---Black has to give a piece back but compensates with a strong one holds two grip.

C---Not the impatient 14-18 22-25 18-14 24-29 14-17 29-25 and White can't break the grip; or 14-17? 19-24 17-26 24-22 Drawn.

D--- Mr. Wiswell states, "Just in time." White frees up Black's one holds two grip.

Mr. Wiswell calls this problem "nothing spectacular or unusual" but does call it instructive. Indeed it is. White's patient winning technique carries the day, whereas impatience would have led to a missed win.

Now, enjoy and celebrate Labor Day! You've earned it!


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