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4th of July 2022


Although this column is being written some weeks in advance, it looks as though 4th of July 2022 is going to be a vast improvement over the past Covid years. Although we know that Covid will never be completely gone, we're back to at least some semblance of normal, and there will be 4th of July parades and outdoor celebrations. And while the world situation and the economy could be better, we're happy for what we have, and most of all we're happy and proud to be Americans and we love celebrating the anniversary of our nation's independence.

On such holidays we often turn to another American patriot, the great champion Tommie Wiswell. Today we have a problem he called Blitz, and you'll see why when you solve it.

White to Play and Win


See if you can win it. You don't have to play "blitz" --- take all the time you want, but when you're finished, definitely blitz your mouse over to Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


The problem, solution, and notes are all by Tom Wiswell.

23-18 6-9---A 18-15 12-16---B 19-12 10-19 12-8 9-14 8-3 5-9 30-26 14-18 3-7 9-13 7-11 13-17 11-15 18-22 15-24 22-31 24-20 31-24 20-27 White Wins with the move.

A---5-9 is no better.

B---Best. If 10-14 White wins handily by 15-10 etc.

We hope you enjoyed this clever and instructive problem. And now, enjoy 4th of July weekend. Bring on the hot dogs and watermelon!


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