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Richard Jordan: A Jim Loy Book

Jordan-Ferrie Match

Today we're pleased to present another of Jim Loy's books, this one in his developing series on the greatest checker players of past years. Jim's subject in this book is the great Edinburgh player Richard Jordan (not to be confused with another great, Alfred Jordan).

Richard Jordan only lived to age 39, his life cut short by a tragic accident. But in that time he played great checkers, including once having defeated the legendary James Wyllie.

The following position is from the cover of Mr. Loy's book. It's from the 1897 World Championship Match played by Mr. Jordan against R. Stewart, yet another luminary from the legendary age of checkers.

BLACK (R. Stewart)
WHITE (R. Jordan)
White to Play and Win


Match wits with Richard Jordan and find the win. When you're satisfied with your solution, do one of two things. Either download the book here to see how the game actually went, or click on Read More to see a computer solution.20050904-symbol.gif


15-11 2. 8x24---A 32-28 3. 6x15 28x10---B to a White Win.

A---The actual match used the alternate 6-24 jump. The text move is the choice of KingsRow.

B---Things are very interesting here. Black has a choice of just two moves that don't lose material immediately. (The computer plays 5-9, typically giving up a man at once to prolong the game even though a human player would likely never do the same.)

4. 3-8 10-7 5. 8-11 7-2 6. 11-15 2-7 7. 16-19 23x16 8. 12x19 14-10 9. 19-23 27-24 10. 20x27 31x24 11. 23-26 10-6 12. 1x10 7x30 WW.

And even less favorable:

4. 16-19 23x16 5. 12x19 27-23 6. 18x27 31x15 WW.

Truly fascinating. You'll definitely want your own copy of Jim's book!


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