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For the first problem of the month we've got one that's very easy and yet very entertaining. When you see the solution you'll understand the title of today's column.

White to Play and Win


Players beyond beginner level will get this one in a few seconds, and for beginners, the solution will be an amusing discovery.

Don't weasel out; solve the problem and then click on Read More to verify your solution.null


White plays 15-11 and then ...


After 15-11 and there are all sorts of possible Black jumps.

1. 22-29 11-9 to an easy two man up White win.

2. 22-24 11-9 to an easy man up White win.

3. 22-8 4-11-2-9 to a two man up White win.

4. Perhaps most fun of all: 7-16-23-14 25-18-9-2 to an immediate White win.

An easy problem, yes, but an extremely clever composition by one of today's greatest problem composers, Ed Atkinson.

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