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Brian's Prize Problem


Prize increased to $100!

In checkers we think of a "prize problem" as one that is so good it has won a prize of some sort, presumably in a problem composing contest. But today we have a prize problem that gives a prize rather than wins one--- although we think it's more than good enough to take the prize in many a contest.


Brian Hinkle offers $25 to the reader who is the first to correctly solve the following problem.

White to Play and Win


Is it difficult? You bet it is, and it will require much skill and board vision to work it out. Go ahead, give it your best. Set it up and move the pieces around.

We'll publish the solution on June 5 (Note: this has been delayed due to the increased prizes) and announce the winner (if there is one, and if the winner agrees to have his or her name and location published). The prize won't be awarded if no one solves the problem correctly.

Brian also asks you to help give a name to this problem. He's called it simply "Prize Problem" but wonders if there is a title that might be more thematic. Send your solutions and name ideas to Brian by emailing

Unfortunately in today's legal environment there are some additional terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Void where prohibited by law. Taxes, if any, are the responsibility of the winner. The composer, Brian Hinkle, is the sole judge of the correctness of submitted solutions and his decisions are final and without appeal. All correspondence and solution attempts must be sent to Do not send solutions or questions to The Checker Maven. All solutions and suggested problem names become the property of Brian Hinkle and The Checker Maven. If you submit a solution or correspond with Brian, you understand and agree that Brian will then have your email address and possibly your name. To receive the prize, the winner must provide Brian with a postal mailing address. Brian pledges that email and postal addresses will be used only for the purposes of the contest and will not be disclosed to any third party unless a legal obligation to do so arises.

Good luck to one and all!null

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