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Symmetry. We've featured this before, and it's worth featuring again, as it's a powerful concept. In art, symmetry is well-known, but the idea occurs in many realms, even including philosophy. And symmetry can be a very effective tool in the sciences, enabling us to demonstrate something such as the fact that the gravitational force between two isolated objects has to be in a straight line between them.


All of this brings us, in a certain way, to today's Checker School study, shown below.

Black to Play and Draw


Today's position exhibits a certain kind of symmetry, at least in overall appearance, although forces are unbalanced. And there's the challenge: how is Black to achieve a piece-down draw? It's all a matter of technique and knowledge, and yes, it can be done, as unlikely as it may appear.

So give this a balanced look and see how you can even things up. When you've found a solution, move your mouse--- symmetrically--- to Read More to check your work.null


17-21 18x25 21x30 16-12---A 13-17 19-16 17-14 23-19 30-26---B 12-8 26-23 8-4 14-18 4-8 18-14 8-11 14-18 11-8 18-22 8-12 22-18 etc. Drawn---C.

A---Probably best. White has to do something about the exposure of his single men.

B---14-10 also draws. From here on out there are numerous play variations possible but they all revolve around the same theme.

C---White can make no progress. A very practical man-down drawing theme.

Problem credit goes to the renowned checkerist and problemist of days gone by, Chas. F. Barker.

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