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Give A Little, Get A Little


Exchanging gifts--- sometimes small, sometimes not so small--- is a long-standing tradition. Among family and friends, it makes no difference if we give a little more than we get, or get a little more than we give.

Not so, however, in our game of checkers. If we give, we'd better get back at least as much, if not more. and that leads us to this month's easy problem--- perhaps it isn't completely easy, but we've already given such a large hint that it should be simple enough. The position was provided by regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto.

Black to Play and Draw


Will you be able to resolve the interesting give and take? Give it a try, then take your mouse over to Read More to see the solution.null


9-13---A, E 18x9 11-15 21x7 15x31 7-2---B 31x22---C 9-5 13-17 5-1 17-21 1-6 21-25 2-7---D 3x10 6x15 22-26 15-19 25-29 12-8 etc. Drawn.

A---3-7 loses to 12-8.

B---26-22 loses.

C---Now a database draw, but White takes a turn on the defensive, having an apparently vulnerable man on 23.

D---A clever exchange that brings the White king on 6 closer to the action.

E---Ed Gilbert pointed out that 17-22 also draws: 17-22 26x17 9-13 18x9 13x22 9-6 22-26 6-2 26-31 28-24 31-26 (now the threat of 10-15 can't be overcome) 2-6 10-15 19x10 26x28 10-7 3x10 6x8 16-19 8-11 28-32 Drawn.

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