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The New Year Is Coming In


We're publishing this column just ahead of New Year's Eve. Now, usually our New Year's column appears just after the holiday, and we like to publish an easier problem in case you, well, indulged in a bit of celebration, such as the Honolulu revelers above are doing.

But you've got until Sunday night this year (2017) which gives you most of a weekend, so we don't at all feel guilty about publishing something a little more difficult.

Black to Play and Win


This is indeed fascinating. Black seems hemmed in and has little in the way of safe moves. How can he possibly win it?

Finding the solution actually isn't all that hard, and it's a very pleasing one. Can you do it before the year runs out? That's your challenge, to ring in the New Year with a checker victory. Clicking on Read More will allow you to verify your work.null


This problem is credited to W. Strickland, of Leeds, England. It was first published long ago and is an ending arising from the Single Corner opening.

3-8---A 18-14 7-10*---B 14x7 11-15* 19x10 12x19* 24x15 2x25 Black Wins.

A---The other "safe" move loses: 7-10 16x7 2x11 19-16 12x19 24x6 White Wins.

B---Did you see this amazing move?

The Checker Maven wishes one and all the best the New Year; may it be filled with everything that you might wish for.

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