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January Kickoff


Did you watch football on New Year's Day? Although we're writing this column weeks in advance, we can tell you for sure that no, The Checker Maven staff didn't watch football on New Year's Day or any other day, although we do admit to having seen a football game on television as recently as 1978. We understand football's great popularity, but it just isn't our thing.

So instead we'll kick off our checker year with a game that dates back even further, to 1908. The game is a bit flawed but nonetheless an interesting over the board contest. Let's have a look.

1. 10-15 23-18
2. 12-16 26-23
3. 16-20 21-17
4. 9-13 17-14
5. 8-12 14-9
6. 5x14 18x9
7. 4-8

7-10 was likely better here, though the text move certainly allows for a draw.

7. ... 24-19
8. 15x24 28x19
9. 7-10

11-15 evaluates to a likely draw and may be best. Deep analysis also evaluates the current position as a probable draw that may be more difficult to find over the board.

9. ... 23-18

22-18 was correct. The edge passes to Black who now might win.

10.11-16 27-23

This unfortunate move turns a probable Black win into a certain White win, and now your New Year's task is twofold. First, correct this last error and give what could have been Black's winning move. Then, continuing on from the text move, show how White wins (it's rather easy). When you've got it, click on Read More to see the solution.

White to Play and Win




8-11 would have likely won for Black. But the game instead continues (after 20-24):

11. ... 22-17!
12. 13x22 32-27
13. 6x13 27x4

White Wins.

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