The Checker Maven

A Not-So-Mysterious Stranger

The May installment of our ongoing "Masked Man" series will give our readers a bit of a reprieve, and a chance to perhaps actually guess the identity of our featured problemist.

As in previous months, your task is to identify the problem composer pictured above, and solve his checker problem, given below.

Black to Play and Draw
Black is a man up, but about to lose (at least) one of the members of his armed forces. We'd rate this problem as at least medium in difficulty.

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The problem composer, of course, is Newell W. Banks; you probably had little trouble identifying him from this very characteristic photo, taken as a young man. He gives the draw line as this:

16-20 11-2 9-13 2-6 10-14 6-9 14-18 9-14 20-24 14-10 18-22 10-15 24-28 15-18 22-26 18-27 28-32 31-22 32-23 29-25 23-26 Drawn.

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