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(Important disclaimer about inaccurate colors at bottom of page....)


Vinyl Board, 1 1/2" Crisloids with Swirls

Are the color swirls a bit too much? Perhaps. Do the pieces fit the squares? I don't think they are too big but you might.


Vinyl Board, 1 1/4" 'Concentric Cirle' Pieces

Now we have solid colors but not smooth pieces. Don't you think these guys are a little lost in all that space?


Side View, Vinyl Board with 1 1/4" 'Concentric Circle' Pieces

Here's a side view so you can see the height of the king. Doesn't look very kingly to me.


Vinyl Board, 1 1/4" Crisloids with Swirls

Back to the swirly smooth pieces, this time in a smaller size. Still looks small to me, but you might like it.


Side View, Vinyl Board, 1 1/4" Crisloids with Swirls

And the side view. The king still seems a little puny.


Fine Wood Board, 1 1/2" Crisloids with Swirls

My elegant wooden board. With the grain of the wood, the swirly colors seem much less of a problem and the fit is good.


Side View, Fine Wood Board, 1 1/2" Crisloids with Swirls

Side view. Now that is a king!


Fine Wood Board with 1 1/2" Solid Color Crisloids

As regulation as it comes, but Crisloid no longer makes these pieces. Carol Joy Cole sent me her second to last set; if you hurry you might get the last one.

Disclaimer About Colors

My $70 digital camera and poor use of lighting caused color errors in the photos above. They should be shifted toward the yellow; that is, the greens should be lighter and the whites yellower. Use your imagination until I'm able to get hold of a better camera and a better photographer.

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