Errata for Reinfeld's "How to Win at Checkers"

As noted on my book review page, I rather like Fred Reinfeld's book "How to Win at Checkers." It's not generally recommended by the in-crowd, but it has a lot of information about every aspect of the game, and it has the advantage of still being in print.

Unfortunately there are a number of errors in the book. I've been trying to keep track of these, and so here is a most unofficial "errata" for this book. Some of my corrections could be a matter of opinion, so as always use your own judgement.

p. 64, very bottom. "White wins. His King will have decisive effect." Probably a true statement, but Reinfeld is very anxious to declare a victor. In a game between amateurs, there is every reason to play this one out.

p. 67, very bottom. "Black wins. He will win the man on 8, and he has a King." Unless I'm missing something, if White plays 30-26, he trades a man for the King and the game is a draw.

p. 69-70, and Diagram 39. Reinfeld calls 3-7?? a gross blunder allowing a spectacular shot, which later statement is true. But after the shot White is a man down, and the statement at the very bottom of p. 70 "White wins. His King will prove too strong for the Black men" does not turn out to be true. Analysis by King's Row shows that White later wins a man back in the process of a long and difficult draw. Instead of 15-10!! in the book, King's Row suggests 28-24 which gives White the initiative and a possible win; it is so complex, however, that it can easily be drawn instead.

p. 76, 2nd line from bottom should read "White wins" instead of "Black wins".

p.94, middle, under Variation IV, "Preferable to ... 11-16 which may lead to the trap shown in Diagram 39." True, but the trap shown in Diagram 39 is faulty (see above).