Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest 70

Pawns Beat Kings

September 16, 2023---October 31, 2023

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Contest Results

All three problems featured a weird sequence of pitches, but a longer solution, with a larger sweep at the end, brought the most votes to "Sleight-of-hand," by the late Roy Little. Lloyd Gordon (Canada), George Hay, Igor Martynov (Germany), Don Myles, and Liam Stephens (Ireland) provided its five votes.

"Dance Moves," by the late Ed Atkinson, was second with two votes. "Wasp Nest," by Bill Salot, trailed with no votes. The contest had 128 visitors, 7 of whom voted.

The International Voters’ Ladder (all time) was unchanged except that, Lloyd Gordon (Canada) moved up from 6th to 5th place. The ladder is more competitive when only voters active this year are considered as follows:

International Voters’ Ladder (2023 only):

1. Don Myles, 3 wins in 3 tries (100%)

1. Gary Ellison, 1 win in 1 try (100%)

1. Wilma Wolverton, 1 win in 1 try (100%)

2. George Hay, 4 wins in 5 tries (80%)

3. Liam Stephens (Ireland), 2 out 3 tries (67%)

4. Lloyd Gordon (Canada), 3 wins in 5 tries (60%)

5. Igor Martynov (Germany), 1 out of 2 tries (50%)

Contest 70 is a first of a kind. The Black pieces are all Kings, and the White pieces are all uncrowned pawns, a rare combination seldom tried. The Kings are individually stronger, but the pawns are more numerous. In each of these problems, White has two extra pieces, which provides more opportunities to sacrifice for the win. The risk to the composer is that the extra pawns may produce more than one way to win and consequent disqualification. The composers believe their entries are flawless. They challenge readers to find a dual solution, thereby knocking a problem out of the competition. True, these settings will not arise in games, but you won’t find such extreme winning ideas there either.

You are invited to view them all animated at this web site. The most popular entry will be decided by the votes of website visitors like you. Your vote will also let you see immediately how others are voting.

If you choose to email Bill Salot at, disclosing how you voted, you will be put on the International Voters' Ladder to determine who the best winner-picker is. Voters on the upper rungs of the ladder are published with the results of each contest. At the end of the year, we will identify the Voter-of-the-Year.

If you want to contribute your own original, unpublished, checker problem for use in a future contest, please send it to the same address.

After you've reviewed the problems, cast your ballot in the box below.

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Which problem should win the championship?
Sleight of hand 5
Dance Moves 2
Wasp Nest 0

Total votes: 7


Dance Moves

White to Play and Win

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Wasp's Nest

White to Play and Win

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White to Play and Win

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