Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest 57 Results

6-Star Sextuples

July 17, 2021---August 31, 2021

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Roy Little won again. It was his 22nd win. His artistic Rainbow featured initial back and forth pitches, in addition to the obligatory 6 star moves and sextuple-jump sweep. It collected 7 votes, including votes by George Hay, Gary Ellison, Don Myles, and Liam Stephens (Ireland). Roy has asked me to announce his retirement due to poor health. He has not composed any problems lately, but thankfully he has a backlog of entries for use in future contests. More original unpublished problems by currently active or potential new composers are needed.

Blanket Coverage, by Bill Salot, was second with 5 votes, including votes by Lloyd Gordon (Canada), Slava Gorin (Russia), and Kathy Wirthwein. Route 66, by Ed Atkinson, trailed with 4 votes. The three competing composers did not vote.

The number of contest page visitors increased to 179, 16 of whom voted.

The International Voters’ Ladder now stands as follows:

1 – Mark Sokolovsky, has picked 6 winners in 7 tries (86%)

2 – Liam Stephens (Ireland), 15 wins in 25 tries (60%) – his 5 th in a row.

3/4 Tie – Kathy Wirthwein, 11 wins in 22 tries (50%) & Leo Springer (Netherlands), 3 wins in 6 tries (50%)

5 – George Hay, 12 wins in 25 tries (48.0%) – his 7th consecutive win, tying Liam Stephens’ early record!

6 – Gene Ellison, 10 wins in 21 tries (47.6%)

7 – Wilma Wolverton, picked 3 wins in 7 tries (43%)

8 – Lloyd Gordon (Canada), 8 wins in 20 tries (40%)

9 – Slava Gorin (Russia), 7 wins in 19 tries (37%)

17 others have either picked fewer than 37% winners or voted in fewer than 6 contests.

The preceding contest featured triple jumps. This one doubles that. Its three original, unpublished entries, by different composers, below are almost identical in size and remarkably competitive. They are all pure strokes. Their trunk solutions each require precisely six star moves and all demonstrate a winning 6-piece jump. Just give away 6 in the proper order;’ then jump 6 to win. Even with all those hints, they are unlikely to be solved quickly. See them animated at the following link: The winner will be determined by the votes at the web site. The reward for your vote will be an automatic report of current total votes as soon as you cast your vote. If you don’t vote, you don’t see the report. You also may choose to climb the international Voters’ Ladder by e-mailing your vote to the address shown below the diagrams.


White to Play and Win

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Route 66

White to Play and Win

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Blanket Coverage

White to Play and Win

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