Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest 56

Deferred Triples

May 16-June 30, 2021

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Contest concluded!

Contest 56 Results

Contest 56 has been well received here at its new site. Its 19 votes exceeded the votes cast in every contest since Contest 49 (February 2020). But its 162 visitors were below average.

Fish & Chips received 14 votes, which was more than for any problem in any previous contest except Contests 2 and 3 in February and April 2012. Among its voters were Pal Bucker, Lloyd Gordon (Canada), George Hay, Tony Gallagher (UK), Don Myles, Mark Sokolovsky, Liam Stephens (Ireland), and Kathy Wirthwein.

Unfortunately, that most popular problem must be disqualified due to prior publication of its essentials in Farr L. Scott's 101 Checker Stratagems (1947), Problem No. 71, by C. J. Greensword, as reported by a non-voting visitor during this contest. In the previous 55 contests, a previously published problem got the most votes twice. Those old timers were good. Belated congratulations to Mr. Greensword.

We try to avoid disqualifications by having contest entries reviewed by anonymous, problem-knowledgeable checkerists before the contest starts. If you have some knowledge of checker problems and would be willing to occasionally advance review a future contest, please contact Bill Salot at the address located below the diagrams in any of these current or past contests.

Blue Eyes, by Bill Salot, was a distant second with 4 votes. John Cardie and Slava Goren (Russia) voted for it. Gentle Persuasion, by Ed Atkinson, trailed with 1 vote.

After feasting on Fish & Chips, the International Voters’ Ladder now stands as follows:

1 Mark Sokolovsky, picked 6 winners in 7 tries (86%) – his 4th consecutive win!

2 Liam Stephens (Ireland), 14 wins in 24 tries (58%) – his 4th consecutive win!

3 Kathy Wirthwein, 11 wins in 21 tries (52%)

4 Leo Springer (Netherlands), 3 wins in 6 tries (50%);

5 Gene Ellison, 10 wins in 21 tries (48%)

6 George Hay, 11 wins in 24 tries (46%) – his 6th consecutive win!

7 Wilma Wolverton, picked 3 winners in 7 tries (43%)

8 Lloyd Gordon (Canada), 8 wins in 19 tries (42%)

9 Slava Gorin (Russia), 7 wins in 18 tries (39%)

17 others have either picked fewer than 39% winners or voted in fewer than 6 contests.

Contest 56

We start with a string of Slocum Stroke Triples by simulators of that sage of yesteryear. Let’s hope these samples make up in quality what they lack in quantity. The number of composers with backlogged contest entries is down to three. Other fine composers apparently are not up to the challenge of competition. You are invited to evaluate the vivid visions of the three valiant survivors. View their valued animations and vote for the most virtuous of the vivacious versions available at this vibrant new contest venue:

Fish and Chips

White to Play and Win

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Gentle Persuasion

White to Play and Win

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Blue Eyes

White to Play and Win

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