Many forum members have asked about having incomplete items automatically reassigned to the next day. Since I am an excellent procrastinator, I'v designed what I call "The Famous Hamner Nag System" to handle this problem. Basically you assign all items which you want to be nagged about to a "Nag" category. The system will then automatically put them on your daily ToDo list until you give and complete them or delete them. I use explicit assignment to the "nag" category so that items like "pick up son from school at 3:30" don't get automatically re-dated. If I didn't get them done on time I'm doomed anyway! Nag is reserved for items which can safely be put off a few days. Below I describe how to automatically have ALL of your When dated items roll over if that is what you prefer.

I'll try to go step by step:
You are in the category manager (F9)

  1. create category "NAG"
  2. create the category "ROLLOVER"
  3. Go to the Props window for ROLLOVER: Hlghlight ROLLOVER and press F6
  4. Set "Match category name" and "match short name" to NO
  5. tab down to "assignment conditions"
  6. type When and Enter (you get a window opened up) tab to End date and type Yesterday and hit Enter twice to accept.
  7. type Done and Enter (you get a similar window) hit N and "assigned" should change to "not assigned" hit Enter
  8. type NAG and hit Enter

(you now have three assignment conditions on rollover, they should look like: When(<-> Yesterday)


     9) tab down to Assignment actions
        type When and hit Enter (little window again)
        Hit tab to go to "With Date" and type: today  and hit Enter twice.
          (You should see When(Today<->) under Assignment Actions)

You're all set to go. Now just use Alt+m and type nag for any items you want to be rolled over automatically. You can also just include the word nag in the item if you prefer ("nag me to get oil change"). It works better than your mother ever dreamed possible.

If you want ALL When dated items to be rolled over, you can just skip the nag category and then ROLLOVER has only two assignment coditions: the When and Done condidtions. ALL items will be rolled over without any action on your part if you use this technique.

     How this works:
     When an item is past due (i.e. when is yesterday or before) AND the item

is not marked done AND the item is assigned to the nag category, it will get assigned to the ROLLOVER category because it meets all of the conditions. The Assignment action will immediately set the When date to "today". Now the item does not meet the conditions for ROLLOVER any longer. You will never see any items assigned to ROLLOVER. Don't worry, it's there working behind the scenes. You turn off the text matching so items like "teach the dog to rollover" don't get assigned to it. It also saves processing time.

Please post any comments or questions to Lotusb section 7. I'd like to hear from you.

                                        Judy Hamner