Implementation of Allen's "Getting Things Done" Using Agenda and President's Planner

PP can be made to do Getting Things Done rather well:

I have incorporated "Getting Things Done" by using PP's Diary facility. I unlocked the PP Diary view, created children categories under the PP category: Diary of Observations and Comments. Then change the Diary view to include the children Categories. (Be sure to turn off text matching on these categories, or name them, as I have with a unique name) The children categories follow the Getting Things Done scheme (except that I use PP's extand Obligations category system). I changed the name of the Diary view to Activities. You can then enter items in the view, assigning them to Diary (Ctrl-F1). My view looks like this:


They will sit there without time assignments until you do them or move them. They won't show up in the other PP views. (I do use a series of project categories, and they will show up there-in the project views-if so assigned. Add a project column to the diary view). You can then either: mark them done when you do them, causing them to dissapear fromt he view (assuming that you set the hide done filter for the view) or reassign them with dates using the PP To Do key, (Ctrl-F2), which will cause an item to go back into the PP assignment scheme.

I also added a Project column and an Activity collumn to the PP Scratch Pad to make entries from other views.

I keep diary entries in a separate Agenda file because my PP file gets rather large and because I generally start a new PP file every Jan 1. Diary entries don't get lost in old files this way.

Charles Bradley
Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Columbia, TN
Union Grove Presbyterian Church, Columbia, TN
Grace Presbyterian Church, Hohenwald, TN