A Winter Illness

Tropical Fruit Tea I was ill for most of that long winter. What seemed to start in September as merely a simple cold soon became a lingering lung ailment. Wracked by fits of nearly uncontrollable coughing, I became weak and was, in those first weeks, confined to my bed. Unable to venture out of the house, let alone work, I ailed mentally as much as physically. It was not an easy thing to be sick, and helpless.

I had few comforts and little to cheer me. The doctor had strictly forbidden any stimulants such as coffee or tea. The coughing left me listless and wan. I had little appetite for such food as I was permitted to have.

My wife tended to me faithfully, and were it not for her, the illness would have been far worse. Of an afternoon or an evening, she would bring me hot cups of herbal tea, for that was all I was allowed, and yet, those cups would cheer me very much. "It's Tea Trader's 'Tropical Fruit'," she would tell me, but I would simply savor the warmth and the fresh tartness of the blend.

After a while, I became strong enough to venture from my bedroom. Still, even as daylight waned in the depths of winter, my nights too were dark, for the coughing would take me at those times. Reluctant to disturb the family further, I would put on my warmest bathrobe, go down to the kitchen, and brew a pot of Tropical Fruit herbal tea. I would read or solve crosswords for an hour or two, sipping my tea, until the coughing subsided and tiredness overtook me enough to allow me to sleep.

Recovery was slow, but by the end of January I was able to sit up most of the day. My wife and I developed the habit of taking afternoon tea together at the kitchen table, visiting over our pot of Tropical Fruit and talking of the things we would do in the summer when my health was restored. And as the weeks went by, and the promise of spring came into the air, I was doing better. By early April I was able to work half days again, even though I would return home tired at the end of the afternoon. My tea would be waiting, for my wife knew what would cheer and restore me most.

By June I was fully recovered and working full-time. My life had returned to nearly normal. But I haven't given up my Tropical Fruit tea. Although we no longer can share afternoon tea, for I must be at work at that time, my wife and I now share a pot before bedtime. It's our quiet moment together, and I would be loathe to give it up.

Some day, I'll visit Tea Trader in person and tell the owner, Mr Jones, the role his Tropical Fruit tea played in my recovery, and how I enjoy it even more now that I'm well. It's become one of my favorite pleasures.

Please excuse me now, but my wife is calling. It's time for our evening tea together.

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