Lightning Stroke


Lightning storms are common during summer in much of North America. Some lightning-prone areas have a keraunic level of over 100, which means there is lightning activity an average of 100 days per year. But science marches on, and the traditional keraunic level statistic is being replaced with the more informative flash density measurement. That's another topic, though, and a rather electrifying one.

This month we present a stroke problem that is neither modern nor difficult, but definitely informative. We think you'll agree that the solution is like a stroke of lightning: quick and powerful, no matter what your means of measurement.

White to Play and Win


Blitz this problem and then flash your mouse on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


14-10 21x14 11-8 2x11 13-9 14x7 8-3 5x14 3x28

White wins on the move: 11-15 28-24 15-18 24-19 etc.

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