One Stroke


The item shown above is called a "one-stroke" brush, intended for use with the "FolkArt One Stroke" painting technique. Though we know very little about this brush technique, it certainly sounds fascinating.

We've never claimed to know a lot about our game of checkers, either, but today we present "one" stroke problem, and solving it it will call into play the technique of checker visualization, which we believe to be a fascinating art form in its own right.

White to Play and Win


Now that's "one" stroke problem! Try to solve it without moving the pieces; when you've had your brush with this one, sweep your mouse to Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


17-14 10x26 19x10 7x14 16x7 3x10 18x9 27x18 2-7 20x27 32x14 10x17 9-6 1x10 7x23 White Wins.

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