Speeding Into Beulah

June's speed problem is taken from an actual game played on the It's Your Turn Internet site. The winning player in our problem situation uses the screen name Yearof57; his real name is Flavious Burgess and he hails from Beulah, Kentucky. Mr. Burgess says that he plays in a few tournaments around his home state and tries to play in the Majors Division, but at times "has to" play in the Masters Division. We're hardly surprised at that; Mr. Burgess is a very skilled player.

There's no doubt that he spotted the win in today's problem rather quickly, and you probably won't need a lot of time either, so we'll "help you out" by not giving you much! 10 seconds is all that's left on the clock; click on the link below when you're ready to begin.

June Speed Problem (10 seconds; easy)



White to Play and Win


White wins with a nice in-and-out shot:

31-26 22-31 32-28 31-24 28-19-10-3 White Wins.

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