A Real Eye-Popper

We found this problem in a old and rather eclectic checker book. The author, who must have been an eclectic character in his own right, referred to the solution as "a real eye-popper."

You may or may not agree--- after all, what constitutes an eye-popper is in the mind of the beholder--- but we do think you'll enjoy solving this one.


Black to Play and Draw


Forces are even, but Black has a weak man that White can pick off in just a few moves. Can you focus on this one and see your way to a Black draw?

Don't be blinded by the seeming difficulty; clicking on Read More will provide 20-20 hindsight by bringing you the snappy, perhaps even eye-popping, solution.


29-25 1-6 25-22 6-2 22-26! 2-11---A 26-23---B Drawn.

A---Certainly not 30-23 27-11 Black wins.

B---White must either give the extra piece back outright or submit to a three for one shot. If 11-16 or 11-7 then 23-26; if 15-10 then 27-24. A very pretty solution and one that isn't so easy to visualize over the board.

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