Holiday Magic

Whatever holidays you celebrate, everyone loves this time of year when the very air seems filled with magic. As our holiday offering to you, we present a problem from a little booklet called Modern Magic, published long ago and featuring the miniatures of S. J. Pickering. Here's our holiday situation:


White to Play and Draw


White's enjoyment of the holidays looks as though it's about to be spoiled, as he appears to be in a very un-festive predicament, with his king on 3 trapped and his man on 22 at risk. Can you pull off some magic of your own and save the season for White? Earn yourself a cup of holiday cheer by solving today's problem. There's no danger, though, of spoiling your own seasonal enjoyment, as clicking on Read More will, as if by magic, bring the solution to you.

The Checker Maven wishes the best of the season to one and all.


22-18---A 31-26---B 18-14 26-23 14-10 13-9 20-24 23-18 24-20 18-15 10-6! 9-2 3-7 11-8 7-11 Drawn.

A---24-20 loses at once after 11-15 3-7 31-26 Black Wins.

B---If Black tries 13-17 instead, it's still a draw, for instance 13-17 20-24 31-26 24-19 26-22 19-15 11-16 3-7 and Black can make no progress. Or instead 13-17 20-24 11-16 3-7 and Black still can't make headway; one flashy possibility is 31-26 7-10 26-23 24-20 23-7 20-2 Drawn.

Whether you solved it or not, we think you've earned a bit of holiday cheer!

If you are of legal age and choose to drink, The Checker Maven asks that you do so responsibly. Never, ever drink and drive.

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