Hopeless: A Speed Problem


Some situations are just plain hopeless. In real life, we still need to carry on and make the best of things. There's no other way.

But over the checkerboard, sometimes it's truly game over. In this respect we're glad checkers doesn't mirror real life. It's a game. A great game, but fortunately, a game.

Here's just such a situation. It looks pretty tough for White, but there is indeed a ray of hope--- a pretty large one, as it turns out.

White to Play and Win


This one is actually pretty easy. Sometimes when things look down there is a simple answer right in front of us, if only we can see it.

We hope you can find the solution, but in any case you can always click on Read More to see how it's done.null


16-11 8x15 28-24 19x28 26x3 White Wins

The moral of the story: Never give up hope!

Thanks to regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto for sending this along to us.

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