Solution to CV-6: Metamorphosis

CV-6: Metamorphosis
White to Play and Win


Solution and notes are by problem composer Ed Atkinson.

30-25---A 23-19---1 25-21 18-23---B 14-10 7-14 9-6 1-10 5-9 14-18 31-26 23-30 9-14 10-17 21-16 White Wins with the move.

A---31-26 23-19 26-22 18-25 30-21 is a piece down draw.

B---18-22---C 14-10 7-14 9-6 1-10 5-9 22-25 9-18 25-30 18-15 White Wins.

C---19-23 31-27---D 23-32 9-6 1-17 21-23 32-28 23-19 7-10 5-9 28-32 19-23 32-28 23-18 10-14 18-22 White Wins.

D---31-26 23-30 9-6 also wins.

1---Black could also just play something like 7-11, losing in a routine man-down situation---Ed.

Ed adds, "The solution is short, but, I think, is well concealed. There is quite a bit to look at. This problem, under the name Transposition, won one of Bill Salot's contests some years ago. When it appeared, ACF Master Joe Moore called it a 'masterpiece.' Since then I've composed several other problems on the same theme. Brian Hinkle also used the idea. I had been calling it a freeze, but I think Brian calls it a hesitation stroke. I like his name better. The inspiration was a problem by J. C. Greensword."

Ed concludes, "Let's hope that you don't need many (more) CV (problems)." And as much as we've enjoyed presenting this series, we have to agree.

We hope you too have gotten some entertainment from these special Wednesday columns. Stay safe and well, checker fans, wherever you are.


Editor's Note: Our columns are usually written well in advance, so we don't know what the status of the recovery will be when this edition is published. We are of course hoping for the best.null

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