Privacy Act Notice


New privacy regulations soon go into effect in the EU and, given that we have a worldwide readership, we're publishing this privacy notice.

Your privacy is important to us. Information that we don't have can't be disclosed or stolen. To this end, and to respect your rights, The Checker Maven collects no personal information about you.

Please note that our host provider, GoDaddy, does log data about IP addresses and pages accessed, and we have no control over their actions. (Your own internet service provider almost certainly does the same thing.) However, The Checker Maven itself makes no use of this data except in the form of aggregated statistics. The Checker Maven does not and will not disclose any such data to anyone else, except in the case of valid legal obligation, or to prevent harm to person or property.

The Checker Maven makes no use of tracking devices (such as tracking cookies).

But do browse safely. Unfortunately not everyone respects your right to privacy the way we do.null

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