Mr. Scissors


It looks like something straight out of a horror movie; the evil villain (let's call him Mr. Scissors) threatens our heroine with a horrible fate. But of course, we know that the hero will arrive to save the day ... or will he?

The villain in the old movie above certainly isn't regular contributor and master problemist Ed Atkinson, who sent us today's problem, which he of course calls Mr. Scissors.

White to Play and Win


Once you find the right first move, the problem isn't all that hard. Can you cut it? Snip away and save the day, then cut your mouse over to Read More to see the cutting-edge solution.null


19-15 11x25---A 17-21 28x19 21x16 White Wins.

A---28-10 17-21 26-17 21-16 White Wins.

Mr. Atkinson notes: "The name, 'Mr. Scissors,' is a reference to the jumps, 11-25 or 28-10, which bear a fanciful resemblance to scissor blades."

Our thanks to Mr. Atkinson for sharing this composition with us.


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