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Recent and Upcoming Events

Frances Duncan at the Hawai`i State Library

JASNA Hawai`i enjoyed two outstanding events this fall.

The first was the much-anticipated visit from Frances Duncan, President of the Jane Austen Society of New Zealand. Ms. Duncan spent time with JASNA Hawai`i members and capped her visit with a fascinating lecture on Jane Austen's Connections to New Zealand, given at the Hawai`i State Public Library on the afternoon of September 14. JASNA Hawai`i thanks both Ms. Duncan and the Library, who graciously hosted her lecture.

The second event was an open-to-the-public meeting of our JASNA Hawai`i Reading Group, held at The Arts at Mark's Garage on October 26. Participants enjoyed a discussion of Lady Susan and a variety of tasty treats provided by those in attendance.

JASNA Hawai`i Reading Group

Our next Reading Group will be on January 25, 2020, at a location to be determined. Our member Gretchen will lead a discussion based on the reference book, The Jane Austen Handbook.

Looking ahead to February 15, 2020, we'll have our annual tea at Orchids at the Halekulani, an event that is not to be missed. More details will follow. Bookmark our website and stay informed!