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Capers on the Kelso, Part 11


It's hard to believe, but there's still a play on the word "caper" that we haven't used. In many noir movies and detective shows, a "caper" was a crime of particular significance.

Fortunately, checkers is no crime, although you may think a particularly bad move might be one; but that's a pun for another time. Today, we instead turn back to Willie Ryan.

Our extended series on the Kelso moves toward a finish as we start to contemplate Wille Ryan's "Variation 3" as given in his classic book, Tricks Traps & Shots of the Checkerboard. Here's the run-up.

1. 10-15 22-18
2. 15x22 25x18
3. 6-10 18-14

This is the beginning of Variation 3 in the book.

4. 10x17 21x14
5. 9x18 23x14
6. 1-6 29-25
7. 12-16 25-22?

Willie correctly gives 26-23 as the drawing move. He notes that 25-22 gives Black an easier time. In fact, in our KingsRow analysis we quickly discovered that it's a definite Black win.

Black to Play and Win


We may be talking master-level play here, but can you find the Black win? We'll let you know that it's nothing spectacular or fiery, just consistent play that restricts White's options until there are none left. It's the way many a game is won. Can you find the win? As it's said in Hawai`i, "if can, can; if no can, no can." Either way this one is worth some time and effort. When you're done, click on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


Here's one way Black can win. Variations are possible, but the ideas are the same. Explore this further with your computer, if you wish; it's all highly instructive.

8. 16-19 24x15
9. 11x25 30x21
10. 8-11 27-23
11. 11-15 28-24
12. 4-8 32-27
13. 15-18

Black is well on the way to a win.

13. ... 23-19
14. 6-9 19-15
15. 9-13 26-23
16. 13-17 24-19
17. 18-22 15-10
18. 22-25 19-16
19. 25-30 27-24
20. 8-12 24-19

White is slowly running out of safe moves.

21. 30-25 31-27
22. 25-22 27-24
23. 3-8! 10x3
24. 22-18 24-20
25. 18x9 21x14
26. 9x27

Black Wins.

Studying Black's relentless process will undoubtedly lead to many wins in your own games.

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