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A Winter Stroke


Many golf enthusiasts just can't get enough, and while we don't know how they do it, some of them golf even during the winter when snow covers the ground. They're out taking their "winter strokes" and loving every minute of it.

We have a different "winter stroke" to offer you. We don't know if snow is as yet on the ground where you live--- it might well be in some locations--- but we're pretty sure you've kept the snow off your checkerboard. Here's a stroke problem that will stretch your powers of visualization.

White to Play and Win


Solving these problems is par for the course; when you're done, click on Read More to score your solution.20050904-symbol.gif


We cheated a little. This is definitely a stroke problem, but when the exchanges are over, there's still a checker problem to be solved. It's sort of like doing the putting after a couple of long drives---B.

17-14 10x17 19-16 12x19 15-10 6x15 27-24 20x27 32x7 3x10 18x4---A 17-21 4-8 1-5 22-18 13-17 18-15 10x19 8-11 9-14 11-15 5-9 15x24 9-13 24-27 14-18 28-24 White Wins.

A---Terrific fireworks with four pitches and some exchanges, and now White surely ought to win. But over the board, the win would still need to be demonstrated. What follows is a likely path of play; variations are of course possible.

B---We're obviously not golfers ourselves.

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