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21st Century Checkers: 11-16s


It is once again our proud privilege to present the next volume in Grandmaster Richard Pask's 21st Century Checkers series: Volume 6, the 11-16s. You can download the book here, or from our Richard Pask page as linked in the right-hand column.

21st Century Checkers is a landmark series, produced by Mr. Pask with the aid of modern computer engines. It is sure to be the definitive reference on 3-move ballots for years to come.

The series is nearing completion, and Mr. Pask expects to issue the final volume, on the 12-16s, at a date in 2016.

To get you started, here's position arising from the 11-16 21-17 16-20 ballot.

Black to Play and Draw


The solution is to be found on page 32 of the book.

We are grateful to Mr. Pask for making his work available to checker players of the world at absolutely no cost.20050904-symbol.gif

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