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Not So Fast


Last month we brought you "not quite" a speed problem, and this month is no different. We originally were going to publish today's entry as a speedster, but the position requires a little thought, so again we're dispensing with the JavaScript clock and letting you take all the time you need.


White to Play and Win


At first glance (aren't those famous last words?) it looks like White has it sewed up, as all three Black kings have no safe moves. That just leaves the single Black man ... oh ... wait ... Black has "the move" and White can't necessarily trap the Black man ... hmmm ... not so simple after all.

The winning technique is well worth knowing, so take your time and see if you can figure it out; then click on Read More to see the solution and notes.20050904-symbol.gif


White has to work for the victory; he's got to get to a position where "the move" (opposition) is in his favor.

26-22 1-6---B 21-25 6-10---A 25-30 10-15 12-16 3-8 22-18 15x22 30-25 8x15 25x11 29-25 16-19 25-22 19-15 White Wins.

A---6-9 25-21 9-14 22-17 14-18 11-7 3-10 17-14 10-17 21-23 29-25 23-18 White Wins.

B---1-5 21-25 5-9 25-21 now same as A.

As we said, this type of ending is really worth mastering.

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