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It's been a while since we featured a Chris Nelson problem. Mr. Nelson was a checker analyst and composer who lived in that one-time hotbed of checkers, Brooklyn, New York.

Today's problem gets its name from Tom Wiswell, who says it has fooled many an expert with a "joker" or false solution. Mr. Wiswell continues, "We doubt that you will get it the first time."

White to Play and Win


Don't let the joke be on you. When you think you've got it, check twice and see if you've really solved it. Then click on Read More to see that it really wasn't that hard after all.

Or was it?20050904-symbol.gif


10-14---A 28-32 14-9 32-27 9-13 17-22 26x17 21x14 13-9! 14-17---B 9-6 1x10 7x21 White wins.

A---Did you try the immediate 10-6? Alas, it doesn't work: 10-6 1x10 7x14 28-32 14-9 32-27 9-13 17-22 and it's only a draw.

B---14-18 is obviously worse!

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