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Another Easy Stroke


We checked into our past columns, and we haven't published something called an "easy stroke" since 2010, and to find another, you'd have to go back to 2005.

Every five years just doesn't seem like quite enough, does it? Today, it's surely time for an "easy" stroke, and we offer you one below.

White to Play and Win


What's that you say? It doesn't look "easy" at all? Actually, if you find the "key" move, the rest pretty much plays itself. Well, pretty much!

Tap this one home ... find that first little move, and then click on Read More to check your solution.20050904-symbol.gif


14-9 6x13 23-19 24x15 18x2 25x18 2-7 13x22 7x30 22-26 30x23 White Wins.

There--- that wasn't so tough, was it?


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