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An Untimed Speed Problem


Today, instead of the usual timed speed problem with which we often open the month, we're presenting an untimed speed problem. It's one that can be solved fairly quickly, but which we think is best enjoyed without the pressure of our relentless Javascript clock.

The problem was sent to us by Lloyd and Joshua Gordon, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Lloyd and Josh are a father and son team who often send us interesting positions from their games.

White to Play and Win


Can you slug this one out? Take as long as you wish and then smash your mouse on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


10-6! 1x10---A 28-24 3-8 32-28 8-11 24-20 11-16 20x11 15-19 23x16 10-15 28-24 14-18 24-19---B 15x24 22x15 to a White win.

A---White's clever move leaves Black in a completely helpless position with five Black men being held at bay by three White men.

B---Saves the win.

Mahalo once again to Lloyd and Josh for sending this along.

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