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Famous Shots VIII


Our Checker School series continues its presentation of famous shots as set forth by Ben Boland in his classic Famous Positions in the Game of Checkers. These are shots that experts should already know and hopefuls should learn.

There are a few questionable moves in the run-up to today's shot, but nonetheless this one is seen over the board from time to time.

11-15 23-19 8-11 22-17 9-13 17-14 10x17 21x14 15-18 19-15 4-8 24-19 6-9---A 15-10---B 13-17---C 19-15---D 17-21 28-24 11-16---E

A---6-10 is the "book" move here. 6-9 gives White a small advantage.

B---Very bad and might even lose; 28-24 was best.

C---Evens it up again; 11-16 would have kept the lead.

D---Loses. 10-6 was correct: 10-6 1x10 26-22 17x26 31x6 etc.

E---Seals Black's doom and loses quickly. 12-16 would have continued the fight longer.

White to Play and Win


Can you find the winning moves, identify this shot by name, and perhaps name the "shot" at the top of our article? It may take some effort, but we think you can do it; when you're ready, click on Read More to check all your answers.20050904-symbol.gif


15-11 8x15 10-6 1x17 25-22 18x25 29x6 2x9 24-19---F 16x23 27x2 12-16 32-27 9-14 27-24 16-20 2-6 20x27 31x24 14-17 24-19 3-8 6-10 5-9 10-15 9-14 19-16 8-12 16-11 12-16 11-7 16-20 7-2 20-24 2-6 24-28 6-9 White Wins.

F---No matter how Black jumps, White picks up 3 men and wins, though it takes a few moves to complete the victory.

This is known as Saukell's Shot, and we find it most intriguing. Equally intriguing is the Kona Coffee-Tini, a drink made, of course, with Hawaiian Kona coffee.

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