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Famous Shots VII


We continue our series of Famous Shots from Ben Boland's Famous Positions in the Game of Checkers with a fireworks-filled position. Here's the run-up, with notes.

12-16 21-17 16-20 17-13 10-14---A 23-19---B 14-17 19-16 17-21---C 16-12---D 11-16---E 22-18 8-11 25-22 7-10 26-23 10-14---F 24-19 14-17 31-26 4-8 19-15---G

A---Looks natural but 11-15 would be better.

B---24-19 would have kept the advantage.

C---Gives a slight edge to White. 11-15 was correct here.

D---22-18 would have kept the small lead for White.

E---Gives White an edge again. 11-15 is still the move to make.

F---This move leads to a probable Black loss; 10-15 would have been correct.

G---A serious mistake. With 28-14 White should go on to win. Now Black wins.

Black to Play and Win


As usual, we're asking you to solve the problem, name the shot, and also name the "shot" pictured at the top of the article. There are two different solutions to the problem, one as originally published, and one found by the computer. Can you find one of the them? Click on Read More when you're ready to check your solution.20050904-symbol.gif


The lead has gone back and forth in a game that wasn't quite played to perfection, but this is nonetheless the fabled 18 Piece Stroke.

16-19 23x7 3x19 12x3 19-24 28x19 2-7 3x10 6x31 13x6 1x10 22x13 31x15 Black Wins.

21-25 also wins, as originally published, though it is not as easy and depends on First Position. It does, however, maintain the 18 piece clearance count.

21-25 30x14 16-19 23x7 3x19 12x3 19-24 28x19 2-7 3x10 6x31 13x6 1x17 22x13 31x15 32-27 15-10 29-25 5-9 13x6 10x1 25-22 1-6 22-17 6-10 17-13 10-14 27-23 20-24 23-19 24-28 19-16 28-32 16-11 32-27 11-7 27-23 7-2 23-18 2-6 18-15 and Black has First Position and wins.

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