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Famous Shots VI


We continue our Checker School series on famous shots in the game of checkers. These are positions that all experts should know and all aspiring players should learn. Here's the run-up for this month's installment.

11-15 24-19 15-24 28-19 9-14 22-18 5-9 26-22 7-11 27-24 3-7 22-17 11-15 18-11 8-15 25-22 9-13 23-18---A 14-23 17-14 10-26 19-3

A---This seemingly natural move loses. 22-18 is correct.

Black to Play and Win


Find the solution (for once, it's not too difficult), name the shot, and if you wish, name the shot in the photo at the top. Clicking on Read More will take you to the solutions, even though the drinks are on you.20050904-symbol.gif


12-16 31x22 16-20 24-19 2-7 3x10 6x24 Black Wins.

This one is known as The Boomerang Trap, as White gets what looks like a winning shot only to have it backfire. (Interestingly, though, White has no better alternative and can't avoid a loss. Check it out with your computer.)


The drink? It's a Hawaiian Sea Breeze, but it's not likely to be Hawaiian, as it is known variously as a Bay Breeze or a Downeaster. Hawaii? West Coast? New England? Who knows!

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