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Mr. Hefter


While we're not at all sure that old-time checkerist Mr. Charles Hefter was an eponymous weight lifter, we do know that he was a famed and skilled player, analyst, and problemist. His specialty seemed to be in making corrections to published play and problems. One such example is shown in the diagram below.

Black to Play and Win


This is not an especially weighty problem, though it has some interesting twists. Can you lift yourself up and find the answer? Don't let the challenge press you; curl up and find the solution. When you're ready, raise your mouse over Read More to see winning way.20050904-symbol.gif


6-9---A 7-10---B 19-23 10-14---C 13-17 8-11 23-26 11-15 26-22 14-10 9-13 21x14 13-17 Black Wins---D.

A---5-9 or 19-23 only draw. Try it!

B---Other moves no better.

C---18-15 13-17! 21-14 9-4 Black Wins.

D---White loses two pieces no matter how he moves.

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