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Little Strokes Fell Big Oaks


"Little strokes fell big oaks" is a common adage with the obvious meaning that a big effort can be tackled with many little steps, all of which add up to get the job done.

Today's stroke problem is a major effort solved one move at a time. In this case, little strokes add up to a big stroke.

White to Play and Win


You'll need to keep your mental "eye" wide open to visualize the solution, but it can be done just as our theme suggests: picture it in your mind one move at a time. When you've finished, click on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


14-10 7x14 16x7 3x10 28-24 20x27 2-7 9x11 18x9 27x18 30x7 11x2 9-6 2x9 5x21---A 13-17 21x14 29-25 14-18 White Wins.

A---At a quick glance you'd say this was a loss, but obviously it's a trivial man-down win.

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