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Back to School 2013


It's definitely the "back to school" season. And although school has already started here in Hawai`i--- public school reconvened at the early date of August 5--- the back to school rush is in progress or soon forthcoming at many locations around America.

To celebrate back to school (yes, some people do actually celebrate it) we present a small "scholarly" problem. It's simpler in appearance than those in our Checker School series, but it's definitely in the "need to know" category for all cross-board players. You'll probably recognize it, but can you solve it from the diagram?

White to Play and Draw


Give this "the old school try," and then click on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


Numerous variations are possible; use your computer to explore further.

30-26 22-25 26-22 31-26 22-17 26-22 17-13 22-18 15-10 18-14 10-6 14-9 6-1 9-5 1-6---A 25-30 6-10 30-26 10-15 26-31---B 15-18 31-27 18-14 27-23 13-9---C 5-1 9-5 Drawn.

A---A draw is now assured. White has avoided First Position.

B---If Black tries 26-23 White has this clever draw: 26-23 13-9! 5-14 15-18. Drawn.

C---The single man finally advances.

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