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Beginner's Corner: Seeing is Believing


We're continuing our new Beginner's Corner series with a problem that has to be "seen" to be believed.

White to Play and Win

Don't worry; this problem is not especially hard, but requires a real effort at visualization. Try to solve the problem from the diagram if at all possible; only set up the position on a board if you must, and only move the pieces if absolutely necessary.

When you've "seen" the solution, click on Read More to check your answer.20050904-symbol.gif


22-17 13-22 29-25 22-29 30-25 29-22 21-17 22-13 6-1 13-6 1-10-3-12-19-28 White Wins.

This is really a stroke problem at heart, but a rather nice one, and we think it fits well into our Beginner's Corner theme.

What's the key to "seeing" the solution?

Notice the pattern the Black pieces on 7, 8, 16, and 24 make; a king on 10 would be able to jump all of them at once. The White moves in the solution set up exactly that situation.

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