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Spring Into Spring When This One Springs


We always hear about "springing into spring" at this time of year, and the arrival of spring is always welcomed after a long winter. Shown above, though, is a spring of a different kind, and when this one springs, we think you'd better move fast and clear the area.

Moving fast and clearing the area--- on the checkerboard--- are our topics for today. We're doing something a little different; we're presenting a stroke problem as a speed problem. Unfair? How can you say such a thing! We're going to give you 60 seconds to solve this one; that's a whole minute!

When you're ready to spring into action, click on the link below--- and move fast. When you're done, spring your mouse on Read More to uncoil the solution.

April Stroke Problem (easy to moderate difficulty; 60 seconds)



White to Play and Win


10-7 3x10 18-15 10x19 20-16 1x10 26-23 19x26 2-6 12x19 6x29 White Wins.

Now how's that for moving fast and clearing the area!

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